LED Upgrade


Residential LED Upgrades Surrounding Your Home

Installing LED can lights along the sides of your home is a creative outdoor lighting solution that emits a stunning presence at night and gives your home an added level of security. LED lights last far longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs and will allow your home to run more energy efficiently.

To experience the benefits of landscape lighting contact the best residential electricians in the business, Texas Strong Electric!

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Transform Your Outdoor Living Area with LED upgrades

Nighttime shouldn't prevent you from enjoying your outdoor area. Enlist Texas Strong Electric today to transform your space and allow you to keep the party going!

Check out this home in Driftwood that we installed custom pendant LED light fixtures over the outdoor kitchen and along the perimeter. We also used 8 large blade ceiling fan to create  a modern rustic outdoor space for small family dinners or large parties hosted by the homeowner.

The look and feel of your outdoor space will be unrecognizable once you enlist the best residential electrician in Central Texas!

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LED Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting illuminates your yard giving it added layer of aesthetics and safety.
This soft lighting creates a charming and welcoming element to your home.
Check out this Wimberley home with LED landscape lighting along with LED festoon lighting on the porch.

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In Home LED Upgrades

The benefits of In house LED upgrades are showcases perfectly in this Wimberley home.
However, it’s not only what you see – it’s what you don’t see.

The kitchen reflects style and function with various lighting options. LED can lights provide optimal room lighting, where pendant lighting is used as a design feature. Also, under cabinet lighting gives optimal lighting for a safe work space. The chandelier in the dining space ties in with the overall design feature.

The kitchen also has smart lighting switches and dimmers that can be controlled by an app on your phone or a voice activated device.

Our electrical contractors in Central Texas are eager to provide you and your home with these innovative electrical solutions, so contact us today!

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